The Governor’s Chair supports a regular lecture series, featuring leaders from diverse professions, disciplines, and backgrounds all focused on exploring issues surrounding energy and urbanism.

12 November 2018Tim Swanson: Governor's Chair LectureWatch online

1 October 2018The Future of Large Scale Additive Manufacturing in Design SymposiumWatch online

5 March 2018William Baker: Architecture and Structure in the Computational AgeWatch online

7 December 2017The Uber El: On-Demand Public Transit in Chicago Watch online

6 November 2017Philip Enquist: Oak Ridge AnalysisWatch online

14 July 2017Cherokee FarmWatch online

28 April 2017Andrew Obendorf: The Future Home Watch online

22 April 2017MicNite Spring 2017: AMIE 1.0Watch online

6 February 2017Governor's Chair Lecture Watch online

30 December 2016The Hong Kong Waterline ProjectWatch online

5 December 2016Benton Johnson: Architecture and Structures in the Computational Age Watch online

12 May 2016Energy + Urbanism Pecha KuchaWatch online

28 March 2016Kristopher Takacs: Leveraging Transportation Investment to Transform Urban Districts Watch online

21 October 2015AMIE: Advanced Manufacturing & Integrated EnergyWatch online

20 October 2015Brian Lee: Innovation in PracticeWatch online

21 January 2015Benton Johnson: Urban Mass TimberWatch online

15 January 2015Keith Boswell: Exterior Enclosure Design BasicsWatch online

13 December 2014ORNL: Full Circle Watch online

16 October 2014ACEE LectureWatch online

21 August 2014Philip Enquist: What Can We Do Together?Watch online

25 July 2014Budhendra Bhaduri: Oak Ridge UDI WorkshopWatch online

25 July 2014Roderick Jackson: Integrated Energy SystemsWatch online

25 July 2014Jay Gulledge: Environmental Intelligence Briefing for Vision for a Sustainable Community Workshop Watch online

24 July 2014Robert Wagner: Sustainable Community Watch online

24 July 2014Scott Duncan: The Earth ProjectWatch online

24 July 2014Keith Boswell: High Performance DesignWatch online

24 July 2014Meiring Beyers: Tools for Climate Responsive Urban Design Watch online

24 July 2014Drew Wensley: Wadi Hanifah Restoration ProjectWatch online

23 July 2014Benjamin Preston: Governor's Chair WorkshopWatch online

21 April 2014Philip Enquist: The Legacy ProjectWatch online