Cherokee Farm

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Cherokee Farm Innovation Campus was a project created in early 2009 to connect and develop groundbreaking and cutting-edge research at UT. The plan is to entice many international organizations and firms to see this new campus as a glove fit for their operations in research and development. The research focus entails finding innovative solutions to many problems of national significance whilst simultaneously bolstering and spurring economic growth and development in the city and state. The campus will take advantage and leverage strategic partnerships with institutions like Oak Ridge National Laboratory while also providing new opportunities for other places to get involved with the innovation center.


Cherokee Farm

Cherokee Farm

Boeing: A Foundation of Innovation

The world’s largest aerospace company, Boeing is a leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space, and security systems. Boeing focuses on creating new, more efficient parts for their airplanes, expanding their company,and discovering advanced technology solutions. This studio will consist of designing the Boeing Materials Research Lab as part of the Fall 2017 Cherokee Farm Research Studio.

One of Boeing’s more recent materials research projects that has come to fruition is the micro-lattice. This lattice is also named as the “world’s lightest metal” as it is 99% air. The formation of the lattice relates back to crystalline structures, forming strong diagonals. Furthermore, this lattice reflects the contemporary space frame structures that master long spans with incredibly light weight.

The lattice structure of this proposed buildings serves to raise Boeing’s program above the street, and it is exhibited on the facades as well as the ground planes and underbelly to the mass.


Cisco is in need of a research facility that provides several technological advancements; networking, wireless and mobility, security, collaboration, data center, analytics, video, internet of things and software. This studio will consist of designing the Cisco Innovation Center as part of the Fall 2017 Cherokee Farm Research Studio.

Ernst & Young: Building a Better Tomorrow

Ernst & Young is a financial company that works to assess risks and incentives to help guide people to invest in specific areas of the business world. Design concepts that has been taken into consideration per request by the client are; flexibility of space, areas to showcase their innovation, designing a building that promotes company values, LEED certification, efforts of a green design, and promoting health. This studio will consist of designing the Ernst & Young Research Center as part of the Fall 2017 Cherokee Farm Research Studio.

Pershing, Yoakley and Associates

Pershing Yoakley and Associates is a health analytics firm based in Knoxville, TN. Their areas of expertise stretch beyond healthcare and delve into financial institutions as well as real estate analysis. As per the client, the architecture is to provide a flexible space that allows for employees to take advantage of the building in ways that go beyond just job oriented benefits. As well as to create a systemic landscape that will operate in between the adjacent building and the site that can be used as a plaza space, flex space, or reflecting space for individuals outside the building. This studio will consist of designing the Pershing, Yoakley and Associates Research Center as part of the Fall 2017 Cherokee Farm Research Studio.